Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Be cool

Fall is here, in all its cold morning, yellow leaves, misty rains, rolling clouds glory. I'm finding that the awesomeness of the window in my shower decreases with the temperature. Yikes. My poor dog is cuddling up wherever she can. I am literally pulling her cozy, warm little body from one blanket to take her to another. In the mornings, we leave my bed and she curls on my lap while I eat breakfast and check my emails. This works for us both, because she's like a little heater. Still, what a lovely and cozy time of year!

My birthday is this weekend and the parties are being planned. Friday is my big bash. I've met a ton of really great people this year and really just wanted to get everyone in the same place. I'm really just hoping for a fun and peaceful night, regardless of who is or isn't there.

On Saturday, my family and one of my best friends are coming into town. I haven't seen this friend in four years, so you can only imagine how excited I am! I haven't seen my family for a while either, so this is going to be an awesome day. That night, I am having a much smaller and more personal get-together with my really close friends - about 6 people- at my apartment. I'm guessing that Christmas lights, laughter, and lots of delicious food (cake) will be involved!

Until the weekend, there is plenty to keep me busy. Tomorrow morning, I am teaching a yoga class to (are you ready?) a group of tattoo artists! I'm pretty excited. It's way more calm and basic than I am used to, but I'm really excited about working with this group. And, seeing as how a tattoo is in my future, they are probably a good group of people to get to know. Later tomorrow night we are having a movie night at work.

So, I hope everyone is having a great week, trying new things, and staying warm. Oh, and listening to good music. That goes without saying though, right?

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