Saturday, January 23, 2010


My apartment serves as a very telling representation of my week. Each room has its own story to tell, even the ones that haven't changed all week. What does my apartment say about this week?

:: Kitchen
The fact that my dishes haven't been done all week is the first indication that it's been busy. Upon closer inspection you would see that the sink contains only spoons, bowls, and glasses. This is because the only meal I've actually eaten at home all week has been breakfast. My fridge, mostly empty, has unopened food and half a gallon of orange juice. Usually, take-home boxes would also indicate a busy schedule but their absence shows an even busier week because they all just went straight to the fridge at work.

:: Living room
A blanket has laid in the same spot on the couch since last week. Random jackets are on top of the blanket as the result of a particularly rough fashion emergency. There are two issues of Nylon and one issue of Relevant, both waiting to even be opened. Firewood waits patiently to be burned. My plants need to be watered. Now.

:: Bathroom
You know it says something when the bathroom is the cleanest room because that means that is where I've spent the most time - getting ready to leave.

I've just spent an entire day writing, cleaning between entries and articles. Laundry is humming along in my terrifying basement below and more new music than I even know what to do with is being played up here. Hopefully, tomorrow my apartment will say that I had at least one normal day to get it together.

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